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Nathalie’s story

Nathalie’s story

corporate psychologist 
aged 39
Toulouse, France
mother of Alice (12), Amélie (8) and Nathan (6)

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Nathalie’s story
L’histoire de Nathalie

Alice, my eldest daughter, started playing the piano when she was 7. Every time I picked her up from her piano lesson, her eyes were shining and she was so cheerful. And as a mother, that made me very happy. 

My husband and I thought a lot about buying a grand piano. But naturally, we wondered how long Alice would remain interested. When we consulted a piano dealer, he told us about Hailun. That was the first time we had seen a piano of such high quality that was also within our budget. 

In the end, we decided to give Alice the Hailun HG-151 for her ninth birthday. Now, three years later, she comes home from school and races to play it. Amélie and Nathan are also showing an early interest. Their big sister is teaching them the classics that she is learning at the conservatory. In our house, we hear Bach and Beethoven every day. 

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