Sound engineered pianos

Freedom of play

Freedom of play - Hailun philosophy

Hailun brings a high-quality piano to your living room. Freedom of play for everyone, thanks to an optimal production process and a team of experienced specialists. 

What is piano playing really about? It brings family and friends closer together. And it creates a warm, homey atmosphere. But above all: it is fun and enjoyable. Hailun strives to bring the enjoyable experience of playing the piano within the reach of everyone. That is why Hailun creates affordable, family-friendly grand and upright pianos, all of the best quality for the ultimate in playing pleasure.

Une sonorité incroyable
Sound engineered pianos

Stunning sound

Curious to hear how a Hailun piano sounds? Listen to the audio sample and be delighted by the clear tones of the Hailun HG-178. Prefer to try it yourself? Find the dealer closest to you and play your favourite model in real life.

Sound engineered by 8 piano experts

Sibin Zlatkovic

Over 20 years of experience in tuning, voicing, and maintenance of sound quality for Bösendorfer and others. Developer and manager of the Hailun training program.  

Mike Carraher

Registered Piano Technician (RPT) and member of the Piano Technicians Guild. Not only has he presided over two separate PTG chapters, he also plays an innovative role in developing many of the elements that make up the armatures of Renner USA.

Ema Shigeru

Japanese piano engineer with years of experience at Asahi. Expert in the manufacturing of grand pianos.

George F. Emerson

Hailun chief scale designer and lead engineer. Designer for American piano manufacturers Baldwin Piano, Organ Company and Mason & Hamlin.

Peter Veletzky

Aged just 22, Austria’s youngest master piano builder. In 2003 he was certified as a legal piano expert in Austria.

Claire Pichet

Specialist in 2D and 3D computer designs and responsible for combining traditional artistic workmanship and high technology computer designing. Production and quality improvement processes have been invaluable and are selected in the overall consistency of Hailun pianos.

Stephan Paulello

A concert and recording pianist and winner of international piano competitions. Teaches piano and chamber music at university level. He completed his technical education with the Bechstein and Steinway & Sons piano companies.

Keith Bowman

Registered Piano Technician (RPT) and member of the Piano Technicians Guild. Keith has 40 years of experience in woodworking and has worked full time in piano technology for over 30 years. Recipient of several PTG and industry awards including Member of Note, Trade Relations and a Presidential Citation.

Premium build quality
Sound engineered pianos

Premium built quality

Hailun has cooperated with a strong team of European specialists over the past 20 years. And it continues to invest in the newest, most innovative technologies. You can be sure that your Hailun piano will be the top-quality instrument of your dreams.  

Chen Hailun

Mr. Chen Hailun

Mr. and Mrs. Chen Hailun both studied at the Piano Technology School of Beijing, where they discovered their love for each other and for the piano. Committed to sharing their love for the instrument, they created Hailun, an accessible yet high-quality piano brand.