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Rafael’s story

Rafael’s story

aged 12
Madrid, Spain

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Rafael’s story
Story of Rafael

I have been a passionate piano player since I was 5. In the beginning I used to practise at home on a keyboard. But I dreamed of having my own acoustic piano – I knew that would sound so much better. 

Year after year I looked forward to my birthdays, hoping for a big surprise. And last year my family made my dream come true. At my confirmation party, a beautiful Hailun piano was standing in the office with a big bow around it. They had bought a lovely and affordable model from a Hailun dealer. I admit that I shed a tear of happiness. 

I play my Hailun HL 121 every day. One day I hope to be as talented as Ludovico Einaudi; I admire him so much. At home I often act like I’m a famous like him, and I invite my parents and grandparents to listen to my home concert. We always make that a fun family event.

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